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St. Matthew

Front Wallet

Front Wallet

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The Tax Collector offers the perfect blend of style and function. Featuring a sleek, minimalist form factor, this handcrafted wallet is designed to keep bulk to a minimum while providing enough secure storage for cards, cash and small items. 

Matthew 9:9  - Jesus Calls Matthew : Inspired by Matthew's conversion, this wallet serves a reminder to choose God over Mammon and follow Him. St. Matthew, pray for us!

Matthew 19:16-26  - Rich Young Man : This scripture offers a reminder to not fall into pride and self-reliance.

Dimensions: 2.75"W x 4"L

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Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
The Perfect Front Wallet

After carrying an oversized bifold in my front pocket for many years, this front wallet is a breath of fresh air. It’s lightweight and comfortable, and it offers all the storage I need for my day-to-day essentials (3 payment cards + ID + a few cash bills).

In terms of build quality, the wallet is seriously well-made—the leather is soft and rugged, and it has shown no signs of wear since I started using it. Plus, the subtle scripture reference is an awesome daily reminder to follow Christ.

Overall, it’s the perfect front wallet for any Catholic man. I highly recommend it!

Great Wallet

This wallet is the perfect size. It easily fits in my front or back pocket and holds all my cards and cash nicely. I highly recommend this wallet!

Mark Price
Perfect size, beautiful design

I love this wallet. It provides the perfect amount of space for my credit cards and ID with three separate slots. It barely takes up any space in my pocket and the leatherwork is beautifully hand-crafted. Highly recommend!